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MLB Division Series Predictions – Bruce’s Thought Of The Day
I love this new baseball playoff format. It is interesting to me how so many are complaining about how baseball shouldn't have a one game wild card and asking why the team with the better record is on the road for the first two games.
First, the reason why the A's, Yankees, Reds, and Nationals are on…
Adam Greenberg’s Amazing Story – Bruce’s Thought Of The Day
Adam Greenberg is a baseball player and he fulfilled his dream back in 2005 when he got his first shot in the big leagues. Sadly though, Greenberg's dream became his nightmare when in his first at bat for the Chicago Cubs, on the first pitch thrown his way by Florida Marlins pitcher Valerio Del…
NHL Locks Out Players For Second Time In Eight Years
Thanks for nothing, Gary Bettman! Yes, the NHL commissioner looks like Dracula portrayer Bela Lugosi, and now we see he is trying to draw blood from NHL fans.
For the third time is his way too long tenure, Dracula has brought the sport to the brink as the clueless commish has led the league to a work…

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