Buffalo Bills

Bills Release Nathan Peterman
It was a rough road for former Buffalo Bills Quarterback Nathan Peterman but his days with the Bills are finally over. After not one but two quarterbacks came in off the scrap heap and out performed a man that had two years to figure out the Bills offense it was finally time for the Bills to release…
What Are The Bills Doing With Nathan Peterman? [AUDIO]
Somehow me saying that after watching one Buffalo Bills practice that Nathan Peterman was the most game ready of the three options, I've become the leader of the Peterman fan club. Here's the truth that rainy day when we drove out to St John Fisher college Nathan Peterman looked more game …
Chris Canty On The Giants Offensive Line [AUDIO]
Every weekday from Noon to 2pm EST you canhear Former New York Giant Defensive Linemen Chris Canty here on 104.5 The Team with Rick DiPietro and Dave Rothenberg on Humpty and Canty. He joined Levack and Goz today to discuss the issues with the New York NFL teams.

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