Man Blocks Volleyball With His Face [VIDEO]
This video is sophomoric, childish, a bit repetitive and I love it! This group has put together a hysterical video where our hero "Scott Sterling" saves the day for Yale by taking what might be a million shots to the face with a volleyball...
Top Stories – New Co Host On The Team [VIDEO]
Top Stories this week center around the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown and a new member of the Team!
5) Siena and U Albany are in the CBI
4) Million Dollar Bracket
3) Giants lose a pair of Free Agents
2) Hall of Fame Classic Line Up announced 
1) Team Announces new PM Drive Co Host
Fox Robs Golfers [VIDEO]
4 lads from Leeds, what an amazing experience at Baltray. So friendly and championship links. @CountyLouthGC
— Chris Hargreaves (@Hag0605) March 7, 2016
I'm filing this in the "This will never happen to me" category. If I...
Conor McGregor Pummels Conan O’Brien [VIDEO]
I love video games! I don't get to play all that often now that I have to do this adult thing(FIRST WORLD PROBLEM) but I still love them. Conan O'Brien has a funny bit he does on his show called "Clueless Gamer," where he takes on famous people and athletes in video games…
Insomnia Theater – Captain America Civil War Trailer [VIDEO]
One of if not the biggest movie coming out in the next few months will be Marvel's Captain America: Civil War. We now have the first trailer with not only Black Panther but also Marvel has reclaimed Spiderman. I can't sleep and am nerding out right now so i invote you to join me...
The Paddock Pass Podcast
On this weeks episode we recap this past weekend at Gulfstream Park including the Fountain of Youth and how impressive was Mohaymen? We also look into Keen Ice's prep race this weekend in Dubai for the March 26th Dubai World Cup and of course this weeks Derby prep race at Aqueduct, the Grade 3 …
High School Mascot Dance Off Ends In Brawl [VIDEO]
Whole Madison vs. Highland fight🔥 #RoadToState
— Redge (@redge_south) February 24, 2016
School spirit is a great thing right up until it ends in a bleacher clearing brawl. At a recent Madison home game students rushed the floor and started brawling after the Highland …
Von Miller And Josh Norman Playing Doom [VIDEO]
I can't believe I missed this. Conan O'Brien continues his tradition of havin two NFL athletes set to compete in the Super Bowl and have them face off in a battle of video game skills.
This time Denver Broncos Von Miller who ended up being Super Bowl MVP took on Carolina Panthers Josh Norma…
Winter Is Trumping…Too Funny [VIDEO]
I know this has NOTHING to do with sports but it was too fantastic to not share! Donald Trump may or may not be a good choice for president of the United States but he is totally a great call for Game of Thrones!
5’5 Guard Dunks Over Two Players [VIDEO]
Melvin Lee is a 5'5 guard from a high school in Wisconsin and this kid can FLY! here's a video of Lee dunking over two defenders. There may be some swearing in the background so careful with the volume but the slow motion is amazing.
Fan Tells LeBron To ‘Suck It Up!’ [VIDEO]
LeBron James is arguably the best player in the NBA right now. Normally when you are the best player, you tend to get under the skin of opposing teams, coaches, and more likely than not, the fans.
In the 115-92 Cavaliers win on Sunday, one Oklahoma City Thunder fan took it to herself to tell James ho…

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