Watch Chad Johnson get cut by Miami Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin.  It's one of the most compelling pieces that HBO's Hard Knocks has ever produced.

It's almost like you're watching something that shouldn't be televised when you view this video.  I feel like I'm spying on a situation that should be kept private.  That's part of the reason why it's incredibly compelling content.

Miami Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin is seen releasing wide receiver Chad Johnson on Sunday following his domestic violence charge.  Johnson allegedly headbutted his soon-to-be former wife.  Evelyn Lozada has filed for divorce following her dispute with Johnson.

I thought that Joe Philbin and Chad Johnson both handled themselves very well during their brief meeting.  It was awkward knowing that Chad Johnson was going to be cut when it appeared that Johnson was unaware of that fact until Philbin finally informed him of the Dolphins' intentions.

The footage of Johnson's locker being cleaned out while he walked out of the facility was gripping.  HBO did a fantastic job with this piece.  Extremely solid television.

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