Count Roger Clemens lucky for many reasons. First, he can afford a good attorney or attorneys. Second, the star witness was a clown. Third, Andy Pettitte's recent amnesia. Lastly, the Government, or more specifically Attorney General Eric Holder, had inept lawyers.

Let me state this upfront. I am and was and will be opposed to the government wasting my money for these trials. Enough already. These steroid cheats have been exposed-stop throwing money down a rat hole. Yes I know Clemens and Bonds weren't on trial for Roid use but make no mistake that was what was at the heart of all this. Heck how can you claim it's a crime to lie to Congress when Congress lies to the American people everyday. Regardless we are where we are and what is done is done. I will pick it up from here!

Clemens is lucky. The government's case was weak. What is not weak-what should never become weak is the resolve of the Hall Of fame voters. I do have concern but  hopefully it's just my inherit fear of other people's reasons and motives.

Clemens-Bonds-McGwire- all of them should never ever ever ever get into the hall unless they buy a ticket. From my persepective they not only lied and cheated but stole as well. The money they made putting up big fake stats is back door thievery in my opinion. Getting into the sacred hall should never happen.

It saddens me that others, even supposedly baseball fans want this just to go away, or perhaps have had their resolve broken or just want to look the other way. Worse are those who condone steroid use and cheating or even applaud it.

Off that soap box onto another. Clemens may have beaten these perjury and obstruction charges. He must never beat history. He cheated and that  is fact. His best friend at least back then Andy Pettitte had no reason, no motive to claim Rog did HGH. Frankly Pettitte should thank his luck that the government doesn't bring perjury charges against him. He either lied then when claiming his BEST PAL did HGH or he is lying now saying he isn't sure. Between Pettitte, the Mitchell report and some DNA evidence found  that Clemens cheated.

What really bothers me is 2 things- The media going soft on this issue-or much of the media. Let's hope for real baseball fans who have a love of the game and it's history the voters never do. The 2nd thing that just galls me, eats at me frankly and really bugs me is the average Joe that either doesn't care or Yankee fans who see no roids-heard nothing about roids-can't small a liar. I guess for Yankee fans they have had so many roiders whats the big deal.

Even today taking phone calls on the radio program-Game On With Bruce Jacobs (mon-fri 3-7pm est) on 1045 The Team, ESPN radio listening to fans who either are a-uneducated about this case b-start going off into bizarre land with some weak analogy or useless  comparisons it makes me mad frankly. There isn't an issue in Sports that makes me as mad or that gets my blood boiling as much as roid cheats in Baseball. I mean I have heard it all from Cocaine is equal to roids to Sosa and McGwire saved baseball (nonsense) to who cares I love the Homeruns, make me want to scream.

Getting on my next soap box this is a microcosm of society. Cheaters-liars-theives who cares. Makes me sick. I dare say this-You can't claim to be a big baseball fan and want these liars in the sacred Hall. Perhaps just a casual fan but not a BIG FAN. Big fans respect the history of the game. Those who condone roids don't respect the history of the game.

Clemens cheated-this is really not in doubt. Or pettite lied. the Mitchell report lied and the DNA is lying. Hmm which one you think is lying. The answer is EASY. All roiders that are caught should NEVER EVER get near the hall unless driving by or flying over!