In Texas, Aledo High School beat Fort Worth Western Hills 91-0 over the weekend.

This week, a mother from Western Hills filed a complaint of 'bullying' towards the coaching staff via a form that's provided on the school district's website.

At halftime, the score was 56-0 and the coaching staff of Aledo agreed to do everything they could to not run up the score.

They took the majority of their starters out. They fair caught the football on every punt. The coaching staff specifically put effort into not running up the score.

Furthermore, the Western Hills staff had nothing but compliments towards the Aledo players and coaches.

One mommy took offense that her son got his butt beat by a better football team.

Maybe she should put all that aggression into helping her son and his friends perhaps spend time with a personal trainer or coach to prevent them from losing so badly in the future.