As of 11pm, Carmelo Anthony was a Knick.  At 11:45pm, Conan O’Brien’s pre-recorded interview with Carmelo Anthony was untimely and laughable.

So if you have a Twitter account or a working phone, you knew by shortly after 11pm on Monday night that Carmelo Anthony had been traded to New York.  In return, the Nuggets would be getting the Knicks’ entire starting rotation and a Spike Lee to be named later.

An excited friend texted me, asking if I thought Melo was already on a plane to NY.  I responded by telling him that I had heard Melo was on Conan tonight, so probably not.  This got me thinking.  I don’t ever watch Conan, I don’t really enjoy his show, nor do I think he’s funny.  This being the case, I have no idea whether his show is live or pre-recorded.

I tuned in just in time to see the end of an interview with the guy from The Hangover and the entire Melo interview.  It was unfortunately very pre-recorded.  Conan fumbled through jokes about Denver omelets and Manhattan Clam Chowder while twitter blew up at the same time mocking the irrelevancy of a show that goes way out of its way attempting to be socially relevant.