Injuries are a big part of football so don't expect the Giants or the Cowboys to complain much about them, but some are bigger then others, and just days before the big rematch in the Jerry-Dome the Cowboys have lost their top tackler.

Dallas announced that leading tackler Sean Lee will miss this Sunday's big NFC East battle with the Giants.

Lee apparently has a toe injury that will not only prevent him from playing this week but also for the remainder of the season.

Lee hurt the toe, being called the worst kind of turf toe injury a player could suffer, during the third quarter of the Cowboys close win over Carolina last Sunday. MRI's show ligament damage and a complete tear in the toe.

Of course the Giants have had their share of injuries. Then again, what NFL team doesn't? However, Lee might be the Cowboys best defensive player this year, leading the team in tackles so far with 77, an average of 11 per game.

In addition to being the top tackler, Lee has some other impressive numbers the Cowboys will have to make up for. He has pressured the quarterback eight times, a forced fumble, a few deflected passes, and two tackles for losses.

Meanwhile, the Giants have much going for them. They survived RGIII and the Redskins, maybe looking ahead a bit as they try and avenge the opening night loss to Dallas after the Super Bowl banner was raised.