Oh I know we are starting 4 weeks of College hoop heaven but if you get a moment flick over to Rangers vs Penguins Tonight. For 2 reasons. The Pens represent the last-best hope to over take the Rangers and Sid the kid returns from his latest concussion.

13 games left for the Rangers till we get to the really good stuff. 6 points seperate them from owning the East or being toppled by the hated Penguins. The Rangers have 95 points, 3 behind the Blues who lead the league with 98. meantime the pens much to their credit and depth have hung tough while being ravaged by key injuries especially to their Captain Crosby.

What once was a comfortable margin over the Pens has been reduced as the Rangers went into a tailspin that saw them suffer their 1st 3 game losing streak of the year . However an OT win over the Islanders and a victory over Carolina have the blueshirts back on track. This is the 3rd game of a season high 7 game home stretch for the Rangers.

The Penguins are the NHL's hottest team and they are smoking hot having reeled off 9 straight wins. This game has had so much anticipation that NBC Sports Network will carry it.

Crosby has missed more then 3 months. His latest KO was at the hands of his own team mate by accident. he returned earlier this season and got right back to what he does best. Score and dish putting up 12 points in 8 games. The pens will put protection around the Kid putting him on a line with Matt Cooke who has been known to take his share of shots at players. Pittsburgh has had 2 days to rest and the rangers got off on Wednesday. It should be a great game with big stakes!