Last night, I posted a video of German weightlifter Matthias Steiner who nearly decapitated himself with 432 pounds in competition. Today, the Olympics once again stopped being a safe, triumphant celebration of sport, and momentarily turned into a terrifyingly dangerous collection of events. Today, the pole vault turned was the event that had our hearts in our throats.

Today, we bring you Cuban p0le vaulter Lazaro Borges, who is one of the world's best at his sport, having finished second in the 2011 World Championships in South Korea. Today, however, he was less successful after his pole broke into, not two, but three pieces while he was in midair.

Wow, look at that pole! As if it just breaking wasn't bad enough, you can clearly see that the piece on the left hand side had a sharp edge to it and was spinning around in midair as Borges was falling to the ground. That could have ended badly. Once again, we are glad to see an Olympian come out of a scary situation unharmed. Despite the fact that he failed to make the finals, I'd like to think that he would take his well being over anything else.