According to Forbes magazine's annual survey, the Dallas Cowboys are most valuable franchise in the NFL.  The Cowboys are also worth the most of any US team.

The Dallas Cowboys are worth $1.85 billion.  According to Forbes' most recent baseball calculation the New York Yankees are worth $1.7 billion.  Three regional teams of interest rank in the top five in value among NFL teams.  The Washington Redskins are worth the second most ($1.55 billion), followed by the New England Patriots ($1.4 billion), New York Giants ($1.3 billion) and New York Jets ($1.223 billion).

The survey is based on the 2010 NFL season.  15 teams are worth $1 billion; the franchises are Houston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Green Bay, Baltimore, Indianapolis, Denver, Pittsburgh, Miami and Carolina.  The Jacksonville Jaguars rank last in value ($725 million).