Ok let me be upfront. I could care less about Nascar or Car racing of any sort. It bores me to no end. However what does get me fired up is people getting things for nothing and not earning their keep. It bugs me in real life and it really knaws at me in the place where you should HAVE to earn your keep the world of sports. Yet because we are so disgustingly PC Danica Patrick gets to benefit. Man if I were a woman I would demand equal even if I haven't done a dang thing to earn that equal.

Patrick the winner of exactly 1 race-yes 1 race in Japan no less and not in recent memory looks like she will be given a spot in the Super Bowl of Nascar that being the Daytona 500.

Thanks to the clown PC media and the lack of guts in calling a spade a spade Patrick will race with the best of the best. After she gets crushed excuses will be made and fawning will continue. Make no mistake Danica is good for business just ask the good folks at Go Daddy. She certainly is more attractive then anyone else in Nascar but last I checked it was for the best drivers not the prettiest face.

Not too long ago I got the opportunity to interview Mark Martin. Seems like a nice fella. I asked him if other drivers were mad that Patrick was being given things the male counterparts were not. He kind of tap danced around an answer saying " I understand why you are asking the question". That told me all I needed to hear. Despite winning nothing Patrick continues to be handed goodies that no male would be considered for.

Patrick recently told a gathering of media slobs that "with a little luck she could win Daytona". Yeah Danica if that luck consisted of hmm 30 drivers dropping out of the race.

This so reminds me a bit of Anika Sorenstam a great female golfer being given spots to play in mens tournaments. Sorenstam dominated womans golf for a good stretch and is as nice as the day is long but she didn't belong. Gutless Bill Macatee working her 1st tournament went ballistic after Sorenstam made par on the 1st hole screaming from the top of his lungs "Anika has proven she belongs". Oh little Billy yes she did.I mean a par on hole 1 and on day 1. Yeah she missed the cut and was sent home yet we never heard any further commentary from screaming meemee Macatee.

Last question to ask: Has Patricks mere presence given a boost to car racing? I honestly don't know the answer to that but does it matter. I mean if it's just about eye balls viewing well by gosh why not give Justin Beeber a car and a spot as his popularity is sure to brings viewers to the table.

Danica feel lucky that you are here in a time and place where telling the truth is looked down on and political correctness is the rule otherwise you might not qualify to run your car on the Long Island Expressway!