Washington Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall says that he hopes Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is healthy this Sunday.  He wants to inflict more damage to Romo's fractured rib and punctured lung.  Fair or foul?

DeAngelo Hall was completely blunt when considering the possibility of hitting Tony Romo in his injured midsection.  "Absolutely.  I want to get a chance to put my helmet on whatever's hurt," Hall said.  "Romo's ribs -- I'm going to be asking for some corner blitzes.  If you know something's wrong with an opponent, you're going to try to target in on that. We're going to try to definitely get as many hits on that team as possible."

There are two things here.  While I have no problem whatsoever with DeAngelo Hall's mindset of hitting Romo legally in an injured area, I have a problem with him stating his intentions of doing so.  It's just not smart.  The league will definitely look at the possibility of fining him.

It's also going to make himself a target.  It's going to make his teammates a target.  If I'm Tony Romo's teammate, you just inspired me to make sure nothing happens to my quarterback.  What does this accomplish?  Absolutely nothing.  Some things are just better left unsaid.  Bad move, DeAngelo.