Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson stars in a racy promo video for his birthday bash coming up on Sunday, December 4th.

This video supports the theory that athletes want to be rappers and rappers want to be athletes.  DeSean Jackson is basically doing his P. Diddy impression throughout this entire video.  I was waiting for DeSean to spit a verse or something.

DeSean shouldn't be doing too much celebrating on Sunday following his heartless performance in a 31-14 loss to the Seattle Seahawks on Thursday night.  DeSean dogged it during the game.  He displayed an obvious disconnect with quarterback Vince Young on the sideline following an unsuccessful drive.  Jackson didn't look back at Vince Young while running a pass pattern (which is kind of important to do if you're a wide receiver).  Jackson didn't acknowledge Young on the sideline when he was trying to clear up the miscommunication. 

Jackson completely checked out last night.  It was a pathetic performance from a talented player who cares more about his next contract than anything else at the moment. 

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