Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant attempted to dunk over a cameraman at a celebrity dunk contest.  I don't want to give it away, but let's just say "crotch" and "face" are intertwined in this one.

When Dez Bryant said that he was "fittin’ to get stupid," he wasn't joking.  Going crotch to face during a dunk attempt definitely qualifies as being wild.  I'm sure the cameraman didn't consider the crotch factor when agreeing to become a prop for this attempt by Dez.  He probably never thought, "Ya know, if Dez doesn't jump high enough, I could end up with genitals pressed against my grill."  If he had, he probably would've declined or, at least, faced the other direction.  Just sayin.  Props to TMZ for producing this piece.  This attempt by Dez was funny, but they found a way to make it a lot funnier.

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