It would have been fun. For those of us that admire Bill Parcells and enjoy his coaching style (and there are millions), there was a little disappointment today, finding out that the Tuna has declined to take over the helm of the Beleaguered Saints.

My conspiracy-racing mind wonders if Parcells made this decision on his own, or perhaps at the behest of a little arm-twisting from NFL dictator Roger Goodell. I'm not a fan of Goodell, and I put nothing past him. Did he bend Parcells' ear about how this would make the commish look bad? After all, Goodell has slammed the Saints for the bounty situation. If an accomplished coach like Parcells took over and the Saints didn't miss a beat, that won't make the drunk-on-power Goodell look good. Just a thought.

I was 70/30 on wanting Tuna to return, and here is why. If he came back, he would have to wait 5 additional years AFTER the upcoming season to even possibly get into the Hall Of Fame. He should be in already, as I have written, but vengeance of the disgraceful media has kept him out- make no mistake about that! Parcells would be (and is, I suppose) gambling by not taking the job. Gambling that the disgraceful  media will drop their objection to Tuna, who never kissed their rump. If there is one thing fake journalist loves, it's when you kiss their ass! Tuna didn't, and now he pays the price.

So the choices were to come back, coach, possibly (improbably) win a title, and wait 5 additional years to get where you belong, or not return and hope that a flash of professionalism overcomes the disgraceful media. Not sure how this will play out. Parcells is 71. His legion of fans want him to get into the Hall while his health is  still good. The same loser voters waited too long to put Hank Stram into the Hall and he sadly passed waiting for that call.

For now, Bill stays retired. The Vikings have kicked the tires, putting out feelers they wanted him to run the entire football operation. How Parcells must burn to get into Canton, even divulging a little glimpse of this with NY Newsday's Bob Glauber several weeks ago, a rare admission by the secretive Tuna.

The biggest losers are the Saints, the fans, and the NFL. Parcells always brings a certain flair to the table. His football mentality is fun to follow. I believe we have seen the last of Tuna on the sidelines, and now he waits for the voters to get a clue. Good luck Tuna!