Ah yes. It's that time of year.

It's still summer and the weather is still nice. But soon enough, invariably, the tides will turn. It will get cold and dreary and football season will be with us.

Few things will be certain in this football season. We'll know that Peyton Manning won't run the ball a whole lot. We'll know that Richard Sherman and Michael Crabtree won't like each other.

Calvin Pace says the Jets have the best defense in the NFL (Getty Images).

And we'll know that the Jets will do some talking.

And the former has already started in training camp. Oh, joy!

Dee Milliner told the New York Daily News that he's the best cornerback in the league. Not Sherman. Not Darrelle Revis. Big talk from the second-year man from Alabama.

And Calvin Pace has said that the Jets have the best defense in the league. Not the champion Seahawks, not the 49ers, but the Jets, who have now missed the playoffs three straight year.

“We’re the benchmark when we’re doing well,” Pace said. “I’ll take these guys and Rex and this system any day," he said.

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