The video quality might not be the best, but the reaction of Dolphin fans when Ted Ginn Jr was drafted is absolutely priceless.

Brian Sinkoff and I were talking about draft parties yesterday.  I've personally never been to an NFL or NBA draft party, but Sinkoff used to attend Wizards' draft parties back in the day.  I mentioned that I saw a video of Dolphin fans throwing a fit when Ted Ginn Jr was drafted in 2007.

The guy in the Ronnie Brown jersey jumping in anticipation at the :16 second mark, only to fall to his knees at the :23 second mark is priceless.  There is a smooth transition to the guy who has his mouth wide-open with his hands on his hips at the :24 second mark. 

The girl with her hands over her mouth at the :29 second mark is a nice touch.  And, of course, the guy with the wave cap at the :32 second mark who is yelling random things is pure gold too. 

Ted Ginn turned out to be a bust for Miami.  Dolphin fans were upset that Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn wasn't drafted.  As it turns out, he's been horrid too.  This video, however, is the furthest thing from horrid.