Well the neophytes of knowledge, the know it all's of know nothing, the smartest people around (just ask them) called Journalist said Penn State wouldn't be able to recruit in light of the Jerry Sandusky mess. Don't tell them but journalist was wrong again thank you. Penn State landed arguably the top Tight End recruit in the country and a local kid as well in Adam Breneman a high school junior  who has grown up roughly an  2 hours from State College.

The 6 foot 5 Breneman has grown up rooting for Penn State but vowed that wouldn't sway his decision. Apparently the Sandusky mess didn't either. Penn State beat out stiff competition for the TE. Ohio State, Notre Dame, and Maryland were all in on the recruiting. he recently paid final visits to ND and OSU. In his junior year this big fella caught 72 passes for just over 1,100 yards and 12 Touchdowns.

Penn State despite what the "experts" claimed would be a dismal recruiting environment has landed a solid group including 3 pick ups this past week alone. Breneman has been called a 5 star recruit. That's top notch in regular terms. Nice job salvaging some big time recruits despite the notion that Penn State would be bug repellent to many top notch high school kids. Nice job by new coach Bill O'Brien.