No I am not joking. Brett Favre, the great quarterback of the Packers and others, tells the NFL network that Tony Romo is underrated and is the quarterback that reminds him of himself the most.

Favre's comparison is honorable but is it true? Romo has won just 1 playoff game. Just 1. Favre claims that Romo is asked to do everything for the Cowboy team but seriously what QB isn't asked to lead his team to the playoffs and bigger? I find Favre's comparison strange.

Romo brings much opinion from all sides. Some claim he is overrated. many say underrated. Personally I don't think he is either. I think he is rated right where he should be. I also believe the Cowboys threw the ball waaaaay too much until last year when they were at least committed to the run before chucking it around the yard as they had done in previous years.

Favre says of Romo " way too much is cast upon him". I don't agree..Again what QB doesn't have much cast upon him. Just look at the pass happy NFL. Brees. Brady. Eli and Peyton Manning. Rodgers. I mean the list goes on and on. That's the life of the QB.

I don't think the Cowboys lack of winning is all Romo's fault but he takes a big piece of it. I have said for a long time the Cowboys rely on the pass too much but Romo throws big picks in bad spots. Just look at the Jets game and Lions game for 2 examples. Not having a capable defense is a big part of it as well.

In total I think Romo gets too much blame  when things go awry in Dallas and too much credit when they win. But it is Dallas and when you follow the likes on Staubach and Aikman that pressure will be  there always.