Oh that Roger Goodell he cares about the players so much and if you don't agree with him it's because you don't care-That's the talking point from the Goodell minions. Then Roger proposes an 18 game schedule. Yes cause nothing says caring by Ra-haj like more games. yeah that's safer commish.

Now the caring Goodell is  proposing using scab officials because the NFL can't make a deal with the Zebras.

Now let's be honest-virtually no one  likes the officials. No one cares about the officials. No one knows most of these people and no one will miss these guys for the most part. I have said many times the NFL needs to get far younger with their officials but it should be a gradual process not  wholesale change.

So Roger tell us exactly how possibly using replacement officials all in 1 swoop is better for the safety of the game? You can't and it doesn't and that's the truth.

Not sure what these officials are asking for in negotiations with the NFL but the point is simple. Replacing all officials at 1 time and replacing them with former college officials in NO WAY enhances the safety of the NFL.

This is where Goodell has left himself at this point. By  trying to remake the NFL to satisfy his huge ego (that's what I believe) has left the smarmy Goodell in a box cause while he may propose new rules on the fly for tackling, or suspend players for a supposed bounty (still haven't seen the evidence) or many of Goodells other moves he then proposes 18 game schedules or using scab zebras. This is what happens when you think you are bigger then the game like Goodell does.

No fan will miss any official. If the replacements actually do work games like they did for 1  pre-season game and a regular season game in 2001 it's likely not many will notice or care-unless or until a player gets hurt or a game is blown by a bad call  but teflon Roger will then get on his soap box and tell us all about safety and blah blah blah. Sorry Roger replacing all the umpires and back officials and judges at 1 time reeks not of safety.

Roger Goodell has boxed himself in. This is what happens when you try and play God with America's sport and when your ego directs you to try and transform a game that frankly doesn't need Goodell or his HUGE ego. Once again Goodell shows the hypocrite he is and why I will say it again he needs to go while the game is thriving. Goodell is a disaster and the players are starting to rumble and take their shots. They realize we have a tyrant here and not a commish. Hey Roger while you are replacing the Zebras do the game a favor and replace yourself!