Arron Asham of the Pittsburgh Penguins turned the lights out of Washington Capitals' center Jay Beagle.  See the video of the bare-knuckle haymakers that Asham landed on Beagle's face by clicking here.

This was an absolute beat down.  Alex Ovechkin stuck up for his teammate, Jay Beagle, by saying the Asham's actions were disrespectful because Beagle is not an experienced fighter.  Asham actually called his own actions 'classless' after the game. 

I don't believe Asham's actions were classless at all.  Beagle was the one who picked a fight with the Pittsburgh Penguins by knocking Kris Letang's helmet off.  Asham got into a fight with Beagle immediately after that exchange.  Two things here: 1) If you're not fighter, then don't act like a fighter.  2) If you pick a fight, you might end up in a fight. 

I don't have a problem with Asham's gesture of putting Beagle to sleep either.  Beagle wasn't seriously hurt.  It was simply a fight that Beagle lost decisively.  Beagle got dropped and Asham celebrated.  That's it.  Big deal.

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