I seriously don't try to be contradiction but it just seems to happen. Laughing at those ripping cards manager Tony  Larussa and the whole phone nonsense. Game five of the World Series didn't come down to a phone call, lack of communication, the wrong number, or the need for  Q-Tips. The Redbirds lost that  game in the 7th inning when for some reason Larussa allowed Albert Puljos to call for a  hit and run.

WHAT???? So Albert is going to try and slap a single instead of doing what he does best-try and jack the ball out.

So let me get this straight-The guy who could hit 700 long fly's is playing for a base hit and the manager of the ball club is allowing this player to decide when to put on the hit and run? That's astounding to me..What's next is Puljos going to decide who starts the next game or who comes out of the bullpen 1st? Tony Larussa you get paid to manage the ball club INCLUDING the 1st baseman not allow him to call these plays..His job is hard enough already. Now this Tony Larussa has not had to explain because everyone is stuck on the telephone nonsense