Holy $#%*!!!  This crash is totally non-tubular, dude.  You've got to see this to believe it.

Toomas Heikkinen is a 21-year old driver from Finland who came up short on this RallyCross jump at the X Games.  It's not as if Toomas was driving a tank either.  He was driving a Ford Fiesta of all things.  It's bad enough that this poor guy slammed his car into steel beams that didn't bend one bit.  It's way worse that this guy slammed his car into steel beams that didn't bend one bit while driving a Ford Fiesta!!

This guy manages to walk away virtually unscathed.  He suffered a broken left ankle, but all tests came back negative.  The crash looked way worse.  If I were Toomas, I'd be content with a broken ankle.  I'd thank my lucky stars that I was still breathing.  Maybe, Toomas did his impression of Bruce Jacobs on the Northway or something.  Bruce (host of "Game On") is notorious for driving very slowly.  Perhaps, Toomas needed to step on it a little more.  Whatever was the reason for the crash, I hope Toomas is able to correct the problem going forward.  Horrific crashes while driving a Ford Fiesta eventually will turn your lights out for good.

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