I wrote about 6 weeks ago how Darrelle Revis would be making as big mistake if he held out AGAIN from Jets training camp in Cortland. NY. Revis decided not to hold out but he is talking a lot about his latest contract squabble.

Then  on day 2 of camp Revis hamstring was "sore" and he sat out the practice. Now you might say Bruce do you want him to practice and make it worse-The answer would be of course no, however with Revis you can't tell if he is telling the truth or showing defiance. His history makes it so.

2 years ago Revis came to  mini camp and claimed his hammy was sore in addition to other bumps and bruises. However shortly after Revis admitted his sitting had nothing to do with his hamstring but it was a protest about his contract. So is Revis lying again?

After sitting out the Saturday session he claims it really was a sore string that kept him on the sidelines. We will find out shortly if he is being genuine or playing games again!

The Jets training staff took up for Revis yesterday claiming it was nothing serious but rather then take any chances they pulled Revis from practice.

Revis said " I am not concerned, I am just being cautious". Rex Ryan, the Jets head coach agreed with Revis not participating saying past hamstring injuries have hampered Revis at practice.

After showing up on day 1, the Jets all pro corner said he came real close to holding out again, however his current contract has language in it that would harm Revis long term if he sat out again, such as his not being allowed to be tagged as a franchise player in 2 years when his current deal expires, a 30,000 dollar a day fine, and forfeiting a 1 million dollar reporting bonus.