When the Giants opened their 2013 campaign with six straight losses, everyone knew the season was over.  They weren't going to make a run, they weren't going to the playoffs, they weren't going anywhere.

So only minutes after they assured that their season wouldn't be win-less, discussion began regarding whether the effort should end there.  Whether they should continue to try and win games, or look to lose and improve their position for the 2014 draft.

The smart business decision, especially later in the season, was to lose.  The 2013 season was already lost.  As such, tying to win was actually hurting the franchise - dropping them in the draft order with every victory.

I, though, didn't care about the smart business decision.  Because I hate tanking.

As Herman Edwards once said, "you play to win the game."  And as a fan, I watch to see my team try and win the game.  What purpose do I have as a fan if my team isn't trying to win or, in extreme cases, if they're actively trying to lose?


Is the season less fun and does a win bring less joy and entertainment if playoff contention is no longer possible? Absolutely.  But I still enjoyed watching the Giants beat the Redskins in week 17.  I was able to pull some blood from the depressing stone that was 2013.  Because, no matter the circumstances, I still enjoy watching my team try and watching them win.

So to me, it's never OK to tank.  Fans are owed, at the very least, effort.  What do you think?