Ok for those with squimish stomachs and party lives this won't sit well with you but for the rest of us perhaps a laugh or 2. Jay Z the wealthy minority owner of the NJ Nets had his Manhatten night club 40/40  temporarily shut down after health inspectors found many violations.

The club relaunched under new ownership  and after 1 night the place was shut down for an evening. According to inspectors food products that needed to be refrigerated were kept at warm temps inside the walk in fridge and "hot food' left sitting out on the counter.

Here are some of the disgusting specifics: 1 worker was found to be mixing Salsa with his hands. Oh yummy. The fridge was at a florida like 60 degrees instead of the required 41 degrees. Inside that fridge was raw chicken wings, a few pounds of raw shrimp and 100 turkey burgers.

5 LBS of cooked mashed potatoes were left out in almost 90 degree temps while 10lbs of cooked rice and some turkey burgers were kept at a toasty 67 degrees. NOT! Apparently cooked itesm need to be stored at 140 degrees. Hmm Z by my brilliant math skills that 73 degrees below requirement. All of these villations added up to 69 "violation" points well above the score of 28 which is the worst possible score for a C grade.

According to the published report the villations were cleaned up and 40/40 was back and open the following night. lesson of the story. The needed to be kept wearm food was colder then watching the nets shoot the ball on a given night and if it were only that easy for Jay Z to fix his wretched hoops team that quickly