If you have read some of my posts, listened to any of my shows for the better part of 18 years, or know me, you know I LOATHE the Miami Dolphins. On Thursday, November 1st I have to go lower then I ever have I my career.

Those who have read, listened to, or know me know I LOVE The Jets. In a nutshell my hatred for the " Dull-fins" dates back to 1982 and Don Shula cheating in my opinion to get advantage in the AFC title game. Don't tell me to get over it. I NEVER will. having said this, thanks to the beat down administered by Miami this past Sunday I have to wash 2 cars, clean the interior of 1 of them, ( Egads) have to wear a Dolphin jersey of Brian Noe's choice while performing the hard labor, and worst of all, by faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar, is I have to sing that awful Dolphin song they play after or if they score at home. You know the song they STOLE from the Houston Oilers organization. I would rather have a plate of Alpo shoved in my face. The "performance" will take place between 3 and 3:30 on the radio program Thursday, November 1st ( Game On with Bruce Jacobs. 3-7pm on 1045 The Team). I lost the wager to fellow host Brian Noe who just happens to be the PD of the station AND a Dolphin fan.

The 30-9 beat down was humiliating. Clearly my Jets are not good. Brings me no pleasure to say this but the facts are evident. Big mouth. Little game. I could rail on and on about the many short comings of my beloved team. I am not happy. I want to get to 1 Super Bowl in my lifetime. This clearly won't be happening this year.

In addition to lowering myself to sing this filth ( LOL) we will be inviting Dolphin fan down to the studio to watch me wash cars, and mock me. Capital region Dolphin fan HATES me. Many Fish fans HATE me. Gee I wonder why?

Thanks to my lousy Jets for a few hours on 2 separate days I will have to lower my standards and become 1 of them. On Halloween I must say nothing gives me more horror then having to do this!!!