Never in my life have the stakes been so high for the NY-NY Football matchup. Heck never in anyone's life have they. Amazingly-Astonishingly really the Jets have never been above 500 when squaring off with their more popular NY brethren. As a lifelong Jet fan that makes me ill and shake my head. I know the Jets aren't loaded up with success but still how humiliating. The Jets are 4-7 all time vs the G Men. This Saturday the stakes are huuuuuuuge. Both can still make the playoffs if they lose but good luck figuring out how. But here is how and why the Jets will win

The Jets will run the ball effectively. The Giants run defense has been lousy giving up an average of 136 yards per game. While ground and pound and has been mostly fail and flail they have been running the ball better save for the debacle in Philly. This game will also feature something the Jets have not done. The deep passing attack and former Giant WR Plaxico Burress, nice and bitter at Tom Coughlin for his percieved treament while with Big blue will motivate him even more (I disagree that he wasn't treated well). Jet QB Mark Sanchez will go deep and let Plax make plays. Santonio Holmes who made a total fool of himself in the Eagles meltdown will atone but it will be Plax who will be called on to go up and make plays and he will.

Let's be honest the Giants defense has been a huge disappointment. their vaunted d-line has fallen asleep save for Jason Pierre-Paul. If the Giants have any success it will be to attack the right side and bust Wayne Hunter. This game will be decided on the right side of the Jet offensive line.

Now when the G-Men have the ball they won't be able to run much and their top ball catcher Hakeem Nicks, who decided to pop off about Derrelle Revis this week basically saying he is just average ( we should all be that average) draws Revis. Advantage Revis! if the Giants make some noise in the air and they will then Victor Cruz vs Antonio Crowmartie will be their best route. Tight End  Jake Ballard is out so Bear Pascoe and Travis Beckum will have to be productive. Ballard has been a wonderful surprise and neither Bear or Beckum are in his league.

This has been an interesting week for me when it comes to this game. I LOVE the Jets but like the Giants so my usual antics of hammering the opponent has been muted. However at the time of this writing, now 14 hours away I am all geeked for the ballgame and the Jets will leave the park with their biggest win ever over the Giants 35-27. Can't Wait!