Joe Flacco believes he's the best quarterback in the NFL.  I believe he should be administered a drug test immediately.

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco recently said on a Baltimore Radio station (WNST) that he believes that he's a top-5 quarterback in the NFL.  Not only that, Flacco believes that he's actually the best QB in the league.  The best?  Like, THEE best?  Somebody should make sure that there isn't any weed in the brownies that Joe Flacco has been eating lately.  That's crazy talk.

Joe Flacco's passer rating was 80.9 in 2011.  That's not elite whatsoever.  He ranked 18th in the league.  Flacco was also criticized by his teammate, Ed Reed, after a shaky performance against the Houston Texans in the NFL playoffs.  Reed said that Flacco "didn't look like he had a hold on the offense."  Nobody in their right mind would consider Flacco to be an elite QB.  I understand that you have to be supremely confident to succeed as an NFL quarterback, but that doesn't excuse a QB like Flacco from being delusional.

Brian Noe is the Program Director at 104.5 The Team, ESPN Radio in Albany, NY.  Brian also hosts “The Noe Show” each weekday from 1-3pm ET on WTMM.