Michael Jordan is the unanimous choice as the greatest NBA player of all time right now. However, will Jordan remain there once the careers of Kobe Bryant and LeBron James are done?

James has been on one of the greatest tears, if not the greatest, in the history of the NBA over his last six games, scoring over 30 points per game and shooting over 60% from the field in each one of them. He is shooting over 71% from the floor in those six games, making shots from every spot on the floor in every way imaginable.

Now, this isn't to say that this one week is going to make LeBron better than Jordan when it is all said and done, but it does make you wonder if James can continue to push the limits of what is possible in the NBA.

Think about this: at his current career average of 27.6 points per game, James would reach 29,589 points for his career if he played the 334 more games necessary to match Jordan's 1,072 career contests played. He would only be 32 years old when he hit that mark. If he played until age 35, and dropped down to 25 points per game in those last three years, James would have over 35,000 career points in this easily feasible scenario, destroying Jordan's total of 32,292.

LeBron is on pace to have over 1,000 rebounds more than Jordan, as well as over 1,500 more assists in the same 1,072 game time frame as MJ.

It bears repeating that these numbers are based on LeBron only playing the four seasons and change necessary to equal Jordan's number of games played, a number which LeBron should certainly surpass given the incredibly physical condition he keeps himself in.

Then there is the elephant in the room: what happens if LeBron keeps winning championships? He is easily the best player in basketball right now and should be for the foreseeable future, so what happens if he wins another three to five NBA championships?

Then there is Kobe, who is only one championship away from tying Jordan with six rings and is well within range of MJ's totals in points, rebounds, and assists (which I think he is secretly trying to pad this season to help surpass Jordan in all three categories). While he seems like the third best player in this discussion, who is to say he shouldn't be considered the greatest of all time?

Take our poll below and let us know who you think will be considered the best when it's all said and done; MJ, Kobe or LeBron.