Well, the challenge has been thrown down. Will tough guy Ken Schott, a hack newspaper writer, accept or go quietly?

A little background on the situation, Schott is some putz "sports writer" for some little dinky newspaper up here in the Albany area, the Schenectady Gazette. This floss thin pile of trash costs a buck a day. The sports section consists of about three pages, two-and-a-half of which consists of high school sports... yeah, who cares? They also have this media hack named Ken Schott. Thinks he is a tough guy cause he sucked it up and bowled with a cold. I am not kidding! We have taken to use him for comedic fun.

Schott was burying me before I got on the air, claimed it would be a failure and hammered my radio station, saying it was bad business. Interesting- like most media losers (and especially newspaper clowns), when the ratings came out and the time slot shot up 84%, good old hack Schott never wrote about it. Yeah, he is a joke!

Anyhow, I threw down the challenge. Schott is a Philly guy, I am  a NY guy who loves the Rangers. Schott obviously roots for the Flyers. The Rangers swept the Fly Boys 6-0 this year. I took to the airwaves and challenged Schott the tough guy to a retirement wager.

Here is how it works. If the two teams meet in the playoffs, the bet is on. If the Rangers win Schott, has to retire from the paper. If the Flyers win, I have to retire from the radio station (wtmm-wtmm.com) Just that simple. No strings. No games. If they don't play each other,obviously no bet.

As of this writing all I can report is a listener to my show- Game On-(3-7pm est)- says Schott claims "he has no time". What? No time?  To agree to a friendly wager?  Hmm... how long does that take? Yeah, like five seconds.

No, what Schott doesn't have is guts and integrity. I don't care if he hates the show. Not the first, not the last. What I do care about is he has no professionalism. You write that the show will fail and when it doesn't you don't write about that?

You know what, Schott? Who, in all his years, can't get higher in assignment than high school hockey writer, doesn't have is the huevos to back up his team or his claim. Ken Schott- MOUSE!