In a move that shows the clubs faith in Peyton Manning’s week one return, The colts pick up veteran quarterback Kerry Collins.  This is a move that shows how little the Colts Think of there backups.

In May Peyton Manning underwent surgery on his neck with the impression he would be ready by week1. Lock or no Lock out by September 11th he was going to be upright and tossing footballs 50 yards down the field and winning games. Today it is starting to show that the Colts have lost faith in that notion that Number 18 will be under center when the Colts take on the Texans on September 11th.

Kerry Collins is a survivable veteran who is coming to the team to make a difference. A guy with that level of experience isn’t coming to camp to teach Curtis Painter how to be a Super Bowl Quarterback. He is there to play, so keep that in mind when you are picking up Peyton in your Fantasy draft. That said, I feel he still will help your fantasy team win some games.