This is NO surprise to me and shouldn't be to anyone. New Yorkers know how to throw a party and not make fools of themselves and destroy what doesn't belong to them. The Giants held their Championship parade through the Canyon of Heroes today and what do you know not 1 person arrested at last check. Not 1 store had their windows busted out in the name of a game. Not 1 robbery. Man no one even got stabbed.

What is wrong with New Yorkers? Don't we know the national trend? You know, beat people up. Maybe a few stabbings. Got to light some cars on fire at least. Nope- none of that barbaric and selfish and dangerous garbage!

Just after the Super Bowl win Bostonians went nuts. 15 people at last check arrested. Fights etc etc. Just check previous celebrations from Vancouver to Detroit to Los Angeles and what do you see. Mayhem! Thievery! Violence!

This doesn't surprise me in the least. Just check recent or not so recent history. Yankee parades- No violence. Rangers win the Cup. 2 million pack the streets and yet not 1-NOT 1 arrest!. Yet that same night in losing Vancouver total destruction. Same after the Nucks lost the cup last year to Boston.

I will say I think violence in Boston is rare but not these other places. Seems winning a title means some people are entitled to free electronics and cars and whatever they can take. Makes me sick!

But not New Yorkers, at least not as of this writing. Proud to be a New Yorker and proud of my fellow NY'ers for throwing a party and letting the company enjoy themselves instead of being terrorized!