LeBron James has some words for a "fan" who made some negative comments about LeBron's mother.  There is something that's overlooked here.

Some fans completely deserve to be put in their place.  If a fan is saying all kinds of disrespectful things about a player's mother, I have no problem with the player firing a warning shot.

That's exactly what LeBron James did on Friday night during Miami's 106-92 win over the Pistons.  He fired a warning shot.  You can talk trash (within reason) to players, but don't start attacking their loved ones.  Athletes have a short leash when it comes to that, as well they should.

There is a common thought that professional athletes just have to take this type of treatment.  I've never bought into that way of thinking.  It's easy to say, "Just take it," when you're either the person dishing it out, or when you're the person who isn't on the receiving end.

I think athletes deserve a lot more credit than they ever receive for putting up with idiotic fans.  I'm talking about the fans who shout racially-charged comments, spit on athletes, and even throw things at them.  It's easier said than done to be the bigger person when certain fans act like animals.