New Giants offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo is walking into a situation where a lot of work needs to be done.

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The New York offense goes through quarterback Eli Manning and has since the 2004 season.

The Giants went against familiar face Mike Sullivan and Manning will now work hand-in-hand with former Packers staff member McAdoo, who has had limited communication with the signal caller.

“I met Eli a year or so ago, a year ago at the Pro Bowl,” said McAdoo, in a conference call with the media last Thursday. “We spent a little time together out there.

“It’s not too rigorous of a routine, but I came away with a great impression of him. In talking to him on the phone and having a chance to sit down with him and just talk to him a little without going into too much detail… I’m very fond of him, obviously, watching him play. There have been some high profile games between the Packers and the Giants over the years. He’s played very well in those games.”

The success that Aaron Rodgers had while McAdoo was a part of the staff in Green Bay speaks for itself, so how do the two compare?

“I haven’t worked with Eli, so that’s hard to say. But I do know this – they’re both Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks, they’re both highly motivated and highly competitive. I’m excited to be here and excited to work with Eli.”

In a year where at times the entire Giants team looked terrible, New York started 0-6 and Manning looked more disheveled and uncomfortable in the pocket than he has since his rookie year. McAdoo has accepted the task in fixing Eli.

“First and foremost, we hang our hat on fundamentals. That’s going to be the focal point. That’s the first thing that we’re going to address. The second thing is we want to take care of the football. Taking care of the football is the biggest factor in winning and losing games.

“Also, winning in this league, the quarterback gets a lot of credit and gets too much credit. When you don’t play so well and you lose in this league, the quarterback gets a lot of blame and probably too much blame. But that is the nature of the beast.”

If McAdoo can’t help Manning and his offense look better and in a hurry, the first year offensive coordinator will take a lot of the heat. But that is the nature of the beast.