New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez kept it real last year with Rex Ryan and backup quarterback Mark Brunell.  His actions worked out perfectly.

Mark Sanchez admits that he wanted to fight his head coach last season.  My money is on Rex but I love the fire from Sanchez.  The Jets QB also shoved backup quarterback Mark Brunell out of a practice huddle.  I love a quarterback that isn't going to allow his starting gig to be yanked away from him without a fight.

Mark Brunell admitted that Sanchez's shove was actually the right thing to do.  I would bet anything that Rex Ryan also gained some respect for his quarterback wanting to fight him to keep his job. 

People always make comparisons between the NFL and their workplace.  This is yet another example that the NFL is not the same thing.  There aren't many 9-to-5 gigs where your employer will actually gain respect for you after you admit that you wanted to fight them.  As far as Sanchez and Rex Ryan go, that's exactly what has happened.