The Marlins are getting ready to start over again come the 2012 baseball season.  They have a new name, new stadium, ugly but new uniforms and are apparently willing to spend big money as they are showing interest in big free agents.

According to FOX Sports, The Miami Marlins are currently very interested in free agent first baseman Albert Pujols.  How serious do you ask?  Well they are prepared to offer Pujols and pretty nice pay check, a pay check that is in the $200 million range.  The question now is, will Pujols take the money and run?

The St. Louis Cardinals didn't give Pujols an offer like that, but now that he is officially a free agent the team is expected to sweeten up their current offer now that it's apparent that they won't be bidding against themselves.

The Marlins have also shown interest in free agent short stop Jose Reyes as well.  Since Miami is rebuilding it could potentially reel in big names like Pujols and Reyes.  The Marlins payroll will increase next season, so they are looking to spend some money.  If they want to make a splash though, they will also need to work on their struggling starting pitching.