Tonight is the NFL draft. A chance for the leagues lesser lights to bulk up, and for those bulked up to get stronger. I love me some draft although I am not a dweeb or nerd about it. I want to see how the jets manuever this draft and the latest rumor isn't making me happy.

The hot rumor on the vine is the Jets moving up to grab Trent Richardson, the bull of a running back from Alabama. I love this player but the jets have many holes to fill and need their allotment of picks to enhance their roster.

The Jets own the 16th pick in the draft. Not a bad spot to get a good player in what is considered a deep draft. Normally I like for my team to be aggressive but this year a little bit of passive might be in their best interest.

I see the Jets as having many holes to fill. Running back is certainly 1 of them. However so is Offensive line, specifically right guard and possibly a tackle. The Jets haven't had a great Wide Reciever since keyshawn was demanding the damn ball.

On defense the jets are getting a little long in the tooth. They haven't had a dominant rusher since  John Abraham or even the Sack Exchange. The Linebackers are a little old yet still productive. it looks like Bart Scott will return at this time but the team needs some youth to go with Scott, David Harris, and Calvin Pace. The defensive backfield could use a safety, a corner-I would love to see big mouth-little production Antonio Crowmartie go to the bench if not the waiver wire. That's not likely to happen but 1 could wish.

The Jets have been aggressive in recent drafts, moving up in 2007, 2008, and 2009 to grab players they really wanted. It seems the jets aren't thrilled with RB Shonn Green and I get that. green is often hurt and has not been as billed. Don't be fooled by the 1000 yard plus season last year. Over 16 games that is nothing to toot your horn about. Green has been good. The Jets want to ground and pound again and good isn't good enough.

No this year patience is called for. Too many holes to fill for the Jets to be giving away needed picks for the best RB in  the draft. Love the player. Don't love the loss of resources to go up and get him