The last few years have been nothing short of disappointing for the New York Mets and their fans.  This season will be tough, but they are hopeful for success with young prospect Zack Wheeler.

The Mets have needed to improve their pitching for some time now.  They are hoping that Zack Wheeler will be one of their answers, and at 21 years old he could be around for a while.  They acquired Wheeler last summer in the Carlos Beltran trade with San Francisco.

So when asked if he feels any pressure being held in such high regard, Wheeler remained very humble.

I mean, it might be pressure to some other people, but not me. I haven’t always been good, but I don’t feel any pressure. I think not always being good has sort of made me humble and fortunate for what I have right now.

It looks like Wheeler will spend a lot of the 2012 season at the Mets AA affiliate in Binghamton (which, despite reports, is not being sold, but moved to Ottawa).  Wheeler also says that it makes him feel good that they are pinning the future on him.