Michael Vick picked a bad time to have one of his worst games of the season.  Now the #2 seed, a first-round bye, and the MVP are all out of reach.The Philadelphia Eagles were favored to beat the Minnesota Vikings by 14 points on Tuesday night.  It was supposed to be an easy win for Philly.  It was supposed to be a primetime stage for Michael Vick to strengthen his MVP resume.  Instead, the Vikings won 24-14, and Vick was disappointing.

Vick fumbled twice, threw an interception, and also threw three more poor passes that should've been picked off if the Vikings knew how to catch.  Vick also failed to recognize the blitz for most of the night.

Michael Vick looked like a boxer in the 11th or 12th round.  He looked tired, sluggish, hurt.  The constant pounding that Vick endured last night, and over the course of the last few weeks, took it's toll.  Vick was limping around for most of the night instead of looking like his normal Superman-self.

Vick has thrown an interception in each of the past five games.  Tom Brady hasn't thrown an interception since Week 6 against Baltimore.  Michael Vick CAN do more than Brady in terms of being a double-threat, but Tom Brady HAS done more in terms of overall production.

Vick has been fabulous this season.  His play is easily the #1 reason the Eagles have clinched the NFC East title.  He is probably the most entertaining player in the NFL, as well as one of the most productive ones.  He's had a great season.  Tom Brady has had a better one.