We live in a football obsessed country. Not sure why but whatever. However probably the most absurd part of the obsession is the NFL draft. Sorry draftniks  I can't get all excited and froth at the mouth over tonights and into tomorrows and into next weeks draft process. The draft does last that long right? longer then the 1st round of the NBA playoffs right?

I do enjoy analyzing the draft after it's done. It's 1 of the few things I like to 2nd guess and not 1st guess.

As a talk radio host I used to get bitter beer face when a caller from let's say Kansas City would call and ask " Bruce who do you think the Chiefs should pick with their 6th round selection? Really caller?

My favorite though is the mock drafts and those that put stock in the mock. Another great type of caller " Bruce I hear the Arizona Cardinals are going to trade Larry Fitzgerald, their #1 pick, and a 3rd rounder in 2015 to the Bengals in exchange for the next 6 Cincy 1st rounders-what do you think of this deal? " My usual response was " I don't think of it-click."

I do like the draft for who blows the thing up. Another words who makes the 1st reach and sends the " war rooms" ablaze. Usually the Raiders are good for this. I also like to laugh at the 1st team to draft a kicker or punter. MISTAKE!!!!!! Never draft a non football player wearing shoulder pads and kicking a ball.

I like the draft to see how my favorite teams ( In order Jets-Giants-Cardinals) pick. I love when pin head wanna be genius GM tries to "stockpile" picks instead of doing the smart thing and keeps it simple. Over thinking leads to bad thinking most of the time. Wanna be fantasy GM usually screws it up, spins the truth, then later when the picks go south, tries to explain it away with excuses.

No today isn't a holiday for me. My TV will be tuned to NBA playoff games, huge NHL games ( like my beloved Rangers) and possibly some good baseball games. For you draftniks enjoy your day and let me know what you hear from mocksters on what teams wanted to do after they didn't do them.