Here we go again.  We are deep into the NFL lockout, and now another one of Americas sports has come to a lockout situation.

As of midnight tonight, the NBA has issued a lockout.  The current collective bargaining agreement expired and negotiations between players and owners are no where close to a conclusion.  As of right now both sides remain very far apart on every major issue including player salaries and revenue sharing.

The last time that this happened was back in 1998 and it limited the season to 50 games. Hopefully things go smoother this time around and they can quickly come to some sort of agreement.  As of right now though, all league business is on hold.  The NBA has said that if teams reach out to players at all they will be fined $1 million.   The NBA summer league that takes place in Las Vegas has already been cancelled.

According to ESPN NBA analyst Tim Legler, this comes at a good time.  He said that most of the players are home relaxing after the season at this point and their minds are probably far from it.  Legler went through the 1998 lockout and knows exactly how it goes.  He added that as they get closer to August players will become more involved as it will start to effect training camps.