As of later today, expect to see more games in the NBA cancelled.  This will be the third time during the lockout that games will be cancelled as a result of the labor negotiations.

Reports on ESPN from the NY Daily News are saying that at the end of the day today, 2 more weeks of the NBA season will be cancelled.  If that's the case than there will be no games played until November 28th.  That would mean another 100 plus games would be getting the axe.

According to ESPN, the negotiations fell apart last week and NBAPA director Billy Hunter said that right now they are ready to sit down a negotiate with the owners.  They just need to let them knwo when they want to sit down.   The owners demanded last week that it would be a 50-50 split for NBA profits, but the players would go for it.

The next thing that could be in jeopardy are the Christmas day games.

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