After deciding that today was their deadline to acquire center Dwight Howard, the Brooklyn Nets have reportedly ended discussions with the Orlando Magic to make a deal happen.

The Nets made the decision based largely on the fact that they feared waiting any longer would allow teams to send out offer sheets to their current center, Brook Lopez, driving his price up for the team.

As it stands right now, the Portland Trail Blazers and Charlotte Bobcats are both rumored to be ready to send Lopez four year, maximum contract offers, which the Nets would then have to match or move on without him.

The majority of the heat to get a deal done by today was put in place by Lopez' agent, who urged Brooklyn to complete a sign and trade or to ink an extension by the end of the day. Without a deal getting done, the Nets look like they are electing to keep Lopez and include him in a nucleus that features Deron Williams, Joe Johnson and the newly resigned Gerald Wallace. They have also signed veteran Jerry Stackhouse to a one year deal today.

As for Howard, it is anyone's guess as to what is next. It has been said that both the Lakers and Rockets are both being considered serious candidates to land the offseason's biggest catch but, much like the rest of the "Dwightmare," I won't believe it until it happens.