Minnesota Vikings defensive end Brian Robison unleashed a nasty kick to the groin of Green Bay Packers offensive lineman T.J. Lang.  This is dirty pool.

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times.  The pills are off limits when a fight breaks out.  You lose serious man points when you resort to kicking another man in the family jewels.  T.J. Lang accurately described Brian Robison's kick to the groin a cowardly act.

"It was in the sweet spot," Lang said.  "In my opinion, it was a pretty cowardly move.  I didn't do anything dirty to the guy.  I don't know what he was upset about.  He decided to kick me right in the groin.  You never want to see that in a football game.  I'm just proud of the way I responded.  I didn't throw any punches.  It was really hard for me to keep my cool."

Props to Lang for not being an idiot and retaliating when every official was looking right at him.  A lot of players wouldn't have been able to maintain their composure like Lang did.  Robison later posted an apology (sort of) on Twitter.  "I am not a dirty player and did not maliciously aim for the groin, just happened to be where it landed."  Hmm, yeah, not buyin' it, B. Robison.

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