The NFL owners meetings usually involves a lot of hype, and very little action or results.

After today's meeting we once again come away with very little.

The big topic of the day was the expansion of the playoffs, and HGH testing. Owners are considering expanding the playoff format from 12 teams to 14 teams. After the first session ended today, it was reported that the owners would hold off talks until the leagues next meetings in the fall.

The owners and NFLPA, are said to be still far from each other when it comes to HGH testing. The NFLPA wants an independent appeals process that doesn't involve Roger Goodell.

So what have we come out of the owners meeting with?

Owners approved a two-week preseason experiment to move extra points back to the 15-yard line this after a season where only five extra points were missed. During the fall meetings the owners are reported to discuss a long term plan.

By days end the owners will have voted on which city will be the host of Super Bowl LII in 2018.The finalist are Indianapolis, New Orleans and Minneapolis.