Right now sources close to both sides of the lockout are saying that the NFL Owners and the NFLPA have reached an agreement on the remaining parts of the new new 10 year CBA that will bring the lockout to an end.

Breaking news this morning broke by ESPN's Adam Shefter, the NFLPA and NFL owners have come to an agreement and now it looks like all they are waiting on is the player vote, which is scheduled to take place on Monday. This is huge news because if the vote goes down free agency and training camp can start as soon as Saturday.

The players will need to a majority vote, but Shefter is saying that, that won't be an issue. The new deal would give more money to veterans and less to rookies.  The owners agreed to open facilities up 2 days after the players came to an agreement, which means that players can start working out as teams on Wednesday.  Provided that everything goes smooth, it looks like we are 99% of the way there.  Shefter also reports that if they weren't sure that there would be a majority vote, they wouldn't have called the players in for the vote on Monday.

The other law suits against the NFL right now are also coming to a close.  Many of the plaintiffs in the case of the NFL players vs the Owners are pulling out, including San Diego's Vincent Jackson who also is okay with the "franchise" tag on him. The NFL is also going to be settling their $4 billion case with network television.