The NFL has announced that they will use replacement officials to begin the regular season.  The league is being prideful to a fault.

The National Football League is being stubborn to a fault when it comes to their ongoing disagreement with the officials.  The real NFL officials are demanding more money.   The NFL doesn't want to give it to them.  The two sides are not that far apart monetarily.  The fact that both sides are so close causes most fans to look at the NFL as the unreasonable party.  They're the big, bad NFL and they aren't going to be pushed around.  It's the wrong approach to take in this situation.

Although the NFL is letting their pride get in the way too much here, I don't see the replacement officials being the enormous disaster that most fans are envisioning.  Granted, the real officials are better.  They're more seasoned and prepared to do the job.  However, the reason that fans are ranting and raving about the replacement officials is because every single bad call that's made in the preseason is dissected and examined like a science project.

Although the real officials are better than the replacement officials, it's not like the real officials never screw up.  The real refs miss calls all of the time.  They're not without fault either.  Yes, the real officials are better, but they're not perfect.  It's not going to be as huge of a disaster as most fans think it will be when the replacement officials are in action to begin the regular season.

Brian Noe is the Brand Manager at 104.5 The Team, ESPN Radio in Albany, NY.  Brian also hosts “The Noe Show” weekdays from 1-3 pm ET on WTMM.