There were certainly a lot of big moments in football in 2011, but only one moment stands out as the best of the year.  Tim Tebow.

Tim Tebow transcended sports this year.  Never before has a quarterback become such a sensation without even proving himself on the field, but Bronco fans called for him and they got him.  The only one who didn't seem to be on board with Tebow mania was the man who lost his job because of him, Kyle Orton.

The Denver Broncos started off the 2011 season in disappointing fashion.  On the sidelines though lay a weapon that they were just waiting to unleash.  The Tebow chants began coming out of the stands.  At first the Broncos coaching staff were adamant on sticking with Kyle Orton, but after 4 losses in the first 5 weeks with Orton at the helm they decided to make a change.  Enter Tim Tebow.

Week after week this guy was making headlines.  He started an internet trend where people would "Tebow" all over the place and take pictures.  There is an entire website dedicated to it.  Comeback win after comeback win, it seemed like Tebow couldn't be stopped.  Then all the debates began, taking over the sports media around the nation.  People loved Tebow or loved to hate Tebow.  Is Tim Tebow a good QB, or is he just lucky?

Like him or not, Tim Tebow was the biggest thing in the NFL this year.  Bigger than the Packers undefeated streak.  Bigger than Drew Brees and his pursuit of the single season passing record.  Time Tebow was the NFL in 2011.